About me

hello there! I would be honored to photograph your family and I'm so excited you're checking out my website. a little about me... 

I grew up southern (Oklahoma and Texas) and am definitely still a southern girl at heart. sure am missing 'some' of the heat of the south but not the sweaty humidity. I love the pretty snow here but goodness I'm not sure I handle the cold very well!

I met my husband in Dallas and we've now been married for 12 years and we have 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl. when I'm not photographing your family and tiny babies, I'm usually at home with my kids homeschooling, cooking, adventuring into the mountains, and all the other 'mom' stuff. or if I'm not doing the above, then I'm out working with our animals. we run a goat dairy and also raise our own chickens and sometimes pigs.

my life may seem busy and chaotic but we are actually simple people. love to live in the moment and cherish all that is around us. I carry my simplicity over into my sessions.  I try and make them as stress free as possible. when photographing newborns - I don't pull out a gazzillion props and lots of huge headbands - I want the focus to be on your baby. I do have fun being creative with set ups but nothing too cheesy, baby is beautiful enough.  that simplicity also runs into my packages - no hard choices to make choosing which pics you want - you get all my edited pics! your print release is not strict - it's free choice for personal use - print whenever and wherever you want. 


 my kiddos!

my kiddos!