frequently asked questions

by reviewing the below faq's, a lot of your questions may be answered and if not, then hit that contact button above! 



at what age do you photograph newborns?.. I personally prefer baby to be under 2 weeks during the session. this allows us to get those squishy curly poses that we all love. also babies change so much after those first few weeks that I want to capture that newness! I still take babies over the 2 weeks and absolutely love them, I just can't guarantee the squishy poses once they are over 2 weeks.

since babies come on their own - how do we schedule the session?. upon booking, your due date is put into our calendar. we only schedule 6 due dates a month so that we can make sure we can get baby in before that 2 week mark. once baby is born, you - or someone you delegate - calls or emails us as soon as possible and we get the exact session date worked out at that time. 

is newborn photography safe?..a lot of the photos you see in my galleries are actually composites... photos where my hands are on baby but then photoshopped out. babies safety is my number one priority and I would never put your baby in danger. I do not use unsafe props or unsafe poses and though I do have a space heater in studio - I make sure it's not up close to baby. when choosing your newborn photographer, please make sure they practice complete safety with the posing. all items used in session are washed and sanitized immediately after session, this even includes bonnets and items that didn't actually touch baby. sessions will be rescheduled should I show any signs of sickness (though I can tell you in the 6+ years, I only had to reschedule once from signs of sickness coming on). I wash my hands often during the session and also have the hand sanitizer (alcohol free) out right next to me.

can we bring in our own props?.. I have tons of props, blankets, hats, and headbands that are made exclusively for photo sessions. they have the right fit and are catered to my style. with that being said, you are welcome to bring something in that is sentimental (heirloom blanket, dads old teddy bear, etc..) but please keep It to 1-2 items max and let me know what it is beforehand so I can plan accordingly.


when is it best to photograph maternity?.. maternity sessions are usually scheduled for between 34-37 weeks though we can schedule for anytime that is comfortable for you.

what should I wear?.. I have many many dresses for you to choose from that I highly recommend. the dresses are made specifically for maternity photo shoots so accentuate the belly well plus you don't have to worry about getting your own clothes dirty (sometimes we're out in the weeds, dirt, and even water!). if you have something you love, you can of course wear that instead! after booking, you'll receive a full what to wear guide to help you plan.

I'm really shy but would like some intimate photos?.. my studio is private and unopened to visitors so feel comfortable in little to no clothing while there. even in the photos that look completely naked, there is some clothing on. I use lighting and poses that keep you modest yet show off that intimate nature of bringing in new life to this world! 

do you offer hair and make up?..I no longer offer hair and make up as scheduling was always a complication and created more stress. please do note that you do not need to spend lots of money and/or lots of time on getting that perfect hair and make up. my style photos are more about the intimate nature and bond of this newly growing family.  we do schedule the session several weeks in advance so you can coordinate with hair and make up specialist should you desire and if you need help getting hair done - I can make recommendations. 

I don't feel pretty with my big belly?.. as a mom of 4, I've been there! especially towards the end of pregnancy, I feel like a basketball waddling down the street! please don't worry, you look beautiful!  I am trained to use lighting and pose you in flattering ways. when you show up for your session, come relaxed cause if you're worried that you don't look amazing, it'll show in your face and your body will be tense. you are beautiful!

where are the outdoor locations?.. I have many beautiful locations throughout Colorado Springs, fountain, and Peyton that I use. being here over 6 years, I know the lighting well for the specific time of year we're scheduled and base my location offers off that. we will chat with what styles you like best and go from there.